The ganache is also very suitable as filling for macarons or cookies, and as a cake topping or filling. 

Instructions (making chocolates without a mold)

  • Heat the tubes in hot (not boiling) water until the filling is completely melted. Keep the sealing on the tube.
  • Put some microwave foil in a square cup of approximately 60 square centimeter.
  • Fill the cup with the melted ganache.
  • Ganache_cup
  • Put the cup in the refrigerator for a couple of hours until the filling is hardened completely.
  • Melt some chocolate Au Bain Marie. About 200 gram per tube. (check the internet for tempering instructions, or use our Dipping Choco for shiny results))
  • Take the ganache out of the cup and put it on your working bench.
  • Use a sharp and hot knife and carefully cut the ganache in pieces of approximately 4 cubic centimeter.
  • Ganache_pieces
  • Cover the pieces with the melted chocolate in the bowl of melted chocolate. Make sure the chocolate is as cold as possible but still melted. You do not want the ganache to melt immediately.
  • Put the chocolate covered pieces on some baking paper or tinfoil.
  • Ganache_bakpapier
  • Let your pralines harden in the refrigerator and enjoy your creations.


Ganache - Praline and macaron filling


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